A Definitive Guide to Personalizing Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the most fun and exciting things you can do in Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to personalize your wand. In the Wizarding World, the wand is essential for casting spells and performing magic. Personalizing your wand in the game will allow you to make it your own and give it a unique personality that reflects your style and preferences.

This article looks at how to customize your wand in Hogwarts Legacy and explores some options available to players.

Choosing Your Wand Wood

In Hogwarts Legacy, players have the opportunity to customize their own wand. They can pick from various types of wood, each with its magical properties. 

With the right kind of wood, you can ensure that your fire shooting wand harry potter is best suited to your preferred play style and the spells you wish to cast.

  • Ash: An ideal wood for spells of protection and healing.
  • Cherry: Known for its ability to enhance magical powers.
  • Ebony: A powerful wood that is particularly suited to dark magic.
  • Oak: A durable wood that is good for general use.
  • Willow: Known for its flexibility and ability to perform complex spells.

Picking a Wand Core

The core of a wand is believed to be the source of its magical power and can significantly affect its performance. Players may select from various wand cores with unique properties. Some cores may be more suited to certain spells, while others may be better for general use.

  • Dragon Heartstring: A powerful core that is particularly suited to offensive magic.
  • Phoenix Feather: Known for its ability to perform complex spells.
  • Unicorn Hair: A versatile core that is good for general use.

Selecting a Wand Handle

The materials of your wand handle carry unique characteristics and qualities which can affect how the wand functions. Some materials might be more suitable for casting certain types of spells, while others could be better suited for general use. As such, you will have a choice in the kind of wand handle that works best for you. 

  • Bone: A handle made from bone is believed to enhance the power of defensive spells.
  • Horn: A handle made from horn is believed to strengthen the power of offensive spells.
  • Leather: A handle made from leather is believed to improve the accuracy of spells.

Personalizing Your Wand Appearance

Once you have selected your wand's material, center, and handle, the last thing to do is make it look unique. In Hogwarts Legacy, you have the option to select from a range of different colors and designs to make your wand unique and personal.

  • Color: Players can choose from various colors for their wand, including traditional colors like brown and black and more unusual colors like purple and green.
  • Design: Players can choose from a variety of different designs for their wand, including intricate patterns and detailed engravings.
  • Accessories: Players can add accessories to their wand, such as charms and pendants, to further personalize its appearance.


Personalizing your wand in Hogwarts Legacy is a great way to make your character your own and give them a unique personality that reflects your style and preferences. You can create a wand ideally suited to your play style and the types of spells you like to cast by choosing the right wood, core, handle, and appearance options.

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